The Process Of Writing & Performing Music


The Song Writing Process

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No matter what you may have perceived about song writing, there is no magical formula for writing a song; but some song writing tips can be followed. A good song doesn’t need to fit or mold into a certain standard or sound a certain way according to the norms. All it needs is to express a feeling and should sound from the heart to attract and connect with an audience, you get these experiences from live bands like amplified found here at If you are a novice songwriter, some good song writing tips need to be kept in mind to come up with real good songs.

Getting Yourself In The Zone

Sometimes, writing a song just flows effortlessly, but if you find yourself completely stuck or simply don’t know where to start writing a song, some effective writing tips will surely help you out. Here are the following song writing tips that will jump-start your creative process of song writing. Song writing does not follow any protocol, but Song Writing Tips can be followed. Some song writers write the lyrics first before the music while others do it the other way or at the same time. Whatever it is, think about the process that works best for you, whether you start with the lyrics first or the music.

Song Sections

The first tips here are about structure. Songs usually follow this structure: verse, chorus, bridge, and chorus. From this structure, you can go on and make a song.
The verse is the first section in the song and is used as a lyrical exposition while the chorus is usually the ‘signature of the song.’ It is repeated a couple of times in the song and expresses high energy or emotion. The goal of this Song Writing Tips is to make the catchy song while easily marking in every listener’s head. On the other hand, the bridge is the transitional phase in most songs.

Lyrical Theme

The lyrics are the identity of the song. Among the Song Writing Tips, the lyrical theme is the one that demands more time, effort and focus. The most important Song Writing Tips you should remember when writing lyrics is that, it should be real, expresses feeling, should come from the heart, and of course, should be authentic. If you are writing original lyrics, it will surely come through the end. Keep in mind this vital Song Writing Tips. Think about some sort of lyrical theme you can work with.

Writing the Lyrics

Now that you already have the lyrical theme, you can start now writing the actual lyrics. A few song tips here includes:
Think about the words that will fit to your melody. Keeping the same number of syllables and phrases in each verse will make your song consistent. Refrain from accenting words on the wrong syllable or any awkward sentence structure.

  • Rhyming is good.
  • Put some punch on your lyrics or speak symbolically.
  • Make a memorable chorus.
  • Take your listener into a journey.
  • Leave some mystery.


With the music and lyrics behind you, it is now all about the details of your song. It is now time to do some fine-tuning to make it perfect. With the help of some tips, you can easily arrange the structure of your song and make it a hit!
For more complete and comprehensive helpful song writing tips you can look online.